Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Introversion and Extroversion Basics

People relate introvert with words like shy and withdrawn, which can actually be the situation. More on that in another discussion. They also equate introvert with inept at speaking.

Come on.

Please know from now on that introverts are probably some of the most eloquent speakers. And why? Because, we have actually planned what we want to say so many times in our head that by the time the words reach our mouths, it sounds incredibly brilliant.

The difference is, once a speaking program is complete for an introvert, energy is at low levels. We have to find OUR way to recharge.

Here's what this means.

An extrovert can go right on speaking, head to a networking event, make their way to another event of any kind.

But an introvert, when they complete speaking in front of an audience, we best recharge by some activity with solitude.

Which turns out isn't all that bad.

Is this more clarifying for you? Read more!