Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do you know about the Small Business Advocate community?

Every Sunday I get a copy of Jim Blasingame's newsletter telling about recognized small business experts who he is interviewing on his radio show.

He IS the Small Business Advocate:

Listen to my recent interview with Jim Blasingame (on the Small Business Advocate show).

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Taking the COLD Out of Cold Calling

My online friend and associate, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, has a terrific program coming up. She is going to discuss cold calling and how she helps entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals – just like you – prospect fearlessly and schedule more new business appointments in less time.

The Cold Calling Free Preview Call is on February 5, 2008.

Prospecting is perhaps the most important skill that entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals must master to be truly successful. Let’s face it, without customers you don’t have a business, and without prospecting, you don’t have customers!

In this day and age there are certainly many avenues that one can take to reach prospects. No other avenue, however, is as powerful as the one-on-one, personal, direct connection that you can make with a prospect by having a great telephone conversation.

Outsmart and Outsell the Competition

On the telephone, you can instantly build rapport, gather information, show your expertise and move your sales process forward, all of this while your competition is still trying to get in the door.

Many people, however, struggle with prospecting by phone. The reality is that prospecting can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. The good news is that cold calling is a communication skill, and like any communication skill, it can be learned and improved upon. In working with my clients, many of them have practiced new skills and are thrilled to see their results change.

If you struggle with prospecting, you too can see amazing change and terrific improvement in your ability to connect with multiple new prospects on a personal level, and have them agree to sit down and have a further conversation with you.

The Cold Calling Free Preview Call is on February 5, 2008 and details can be found here:

Don’t wait. This preview call is guaranteed to help, right now, regardless of your sales experience or background.

To your success!

Pat Weber
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Selling Yourself Your Way Gets the Best Sales Results

If you have been on any of my teleclasses, you know I'm a big proponent that there is no one method, no one right process and no one and only way to sell.

Salespeople's best bet is to be sure how they sell fits them and their customer.

Take a look at this article which purports a "CDC process to selling: collect, discard and create."

Patricia Weber
The Sales Reluctance Coach
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 Sales Reluctance Survey Findings Revealed

The five categories in the sales reluctance survey I mentioned focused on: 1) networking events, 2) losing a sale, 3) delivering a proposal or presentation, 4) follow-up and 5) sales slumps.

Here's one of the problems uncovered about networking:

Do you go to networking events without meeting the right, and enough people, like 31.4% of people I’ve surveyed say they do.

But take one step back.

Before you can put effective networking conversations in place, your beliefs about the sales process have to support you in that same direction. It's techniques that allow you to make the value connection without feeling so self-conscious so that then the relationship will develop naturally from there.

Here's a networking strategy to loosen that straight jacket of sales reluctance:

Networking is one marketing strategy that finds you leads and connections. But how often do you go to a network event and have your energy sizzle out for you before you get what you intended to? I bet you've even experienced times when you wanted to turn around before you even arrived! The attitudes, behaviors and emotional methods that work need to be within your comfort zone so that you become energized about going to your next networking event. Really.

My Special Tip For Your Next Event.

First, here's one of my favorite techniques when you do go to a networking event.

Most sales training or even sales coaches might tell you to go to an event and meet as many people as possible. Talk with and get business cards from everyone you can. Then follow up with everyone to find out about your next step.

Whew, I'm exhausted just saying that as an idea.

Here's a little peek at what I know that you can do that you likely aren't already. Or else why would you be so held in the grips of sales reluctance?

So here's a strategy for the sales reluctant:
  • Plan to go to an event.
  • Decide in advance how many people or even who you want to meet.
  • You might even want to ask a friend at the event to introduce you to just those people.
  • Get only these people's business cards.
  • Ask people to write their birthday on the back of their card – month and day only!
  • If other people ask you for your card, give them only if you decide you intuitively know there is some worthwhile connection.
  • Then, within two days, systematize your follow up with people and invite them to your next step to connect after the event. Also, use your system to send them a birthday card when it rolls around.
I'm headed to a local networking event this evening and I'll be both doing this myself and thinking that you might be out doing the same.


Everyone loves to know you remember their birthday. Here's a great tip I stumbled on to make your telephone do JUST that for you!

Is this networking for the "right people", people you want to meet strategy more doable? Is it within your reach?

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Pat Weber, America's Sales Reluctance Coach
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lucky people are more extroverted?

I came across this website The Luck Factor.

As you read the premise of this article, again there is an underlying misconception as so often happens with introversion versus extroversion.

What I DO agree with is the statement that to have more chance encounters turn into lucky opportunities means you have to be somewhat of a "social magnet."

Would you agree? I mean if you are a social butterfly, you will simply increase the number of your encounters.

But, here is where I part ways: "Social magnets attract others because they exhibit behaviors that other people find attractive and inviting, namely eye contact, smiling and open body language."

People think I AM an extrovert because I listen, with my eye contact, and I always wear a smile because - I am happy!

You can have "namely eye contact," and be more of an introvert.

Check out the Make Your Luck at The Luck Factor.

So how can we as people with sales reluctance make our own luck with less chance encounters? Isn't that the question?

Patricia Weber
The Sales Reluctance Coach

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sales reluctance turns into sales disappointments

I mentioned a survey in the Here's to Ringing in a Great 2008 post! The survey is giving me excellent information to continue to learn what sales reluctance problems my customers want to shake off. I work with independent professionals and sales people and small business owners who sell.

It's NOT surprising that 36% of those who responded said, "I am queasy about thinking about being at one."

Come on! I'm an INTJ who sells and attends these events. Most of the time I make it through about an hour of balancing food, drink (mine's usually water) and a semi-conscious conversation from another party.

There's a most surprising let-down around networking. A sales disappointment that I don't often experience.

It's a sales problem that must be addressed because as much as I dislike them - networking events work for me! I get leads, connections and sometimes clients.

The finding that I will be posting some bull-eyes tips for: "I attend them [networking events] but I don't meet the right people." That was mentioned 50% of the 12 "other" problems with networking.


Let your sales hat soak that in.

Then come back once I've noodled it around a bit.

Patricia Weber
Sales Reluctance Coach with Specialty of Introverts and Shy

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Happy Introvert Day!

Now it's official! Someone proclaimed A Happy Introvert Day.

As you start the New Year with celebration, consider Diane Cameron's idea. And I'm not referring to her statement about Howard Dean.

What idea intrigues me is claiming a A Happy Introvert Day. It's of course, perfect timing.

And why wouldn't be?

As introverts we usually think and plan before we dare make such a bold declaration.

What do you think? Can we just claim January 2nd as Introvert Day?

Do we even want to? Wouldn't it mean some kind of party to go to or can we make our own "party" rules?

Hope you celebrate a great 2008 EVERYDAY.

Pat Weber, America's #1 Sales Reluctance Coach
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