Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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10 Tips To Get Retweeted On Twitter Read more!

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just posted 2 blog 3 Better Ways to Get WOWs From Your Holiday Season Business Networking Read more!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nine questions to ask that draw out the real value of the service or product you offer. Read more!

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How to replace features &benefits with something far more powerful and useful Thurs Dec 17 7pm est Read more!
just posted 2 blog 3 Good Ways to Get WOWs From Your Holiday Season Business Networking Read more!

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This is one introvert who doesn't need to join 1 more online community. Time to start deepening friendships. Next stop: telephone! OMG. Read more!
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@DanielStoicaTax LinkedIn Poll question, Poll Question: Would you describe yourself as an extrovert or an introvert? what is link 2 take? Read more!

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I'm starting first New Year's Resolutions: if follower has no photo, no website or blog link, nonsense profile, I'm NOT following back. Read more!
Webinar Details at KnowledgeWave: via @addthis Becoming Director, Producer and Using Windows Movie Maker [it's free] Read more!
long extroverting day for this introvert: local networking, telephone conversations, and my favorite tonight: radio show interview! Read more!
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Wars are created because they are satisfying something within large numbers of people--or it would not be. #quote Abraham (sad if true.) Read more!
Debunking Negative Introvert Myths is ur video free to watch If u r an introvert, DON'T believe the myths. Read more!

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