Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sales Results Group for Introverts Like A Library

As a sales coach for introverts, shy and reluctant, I know that at times I find it worthwhile to work with a small group of other like-minded coaches to help me through any business dilemmas. With this is mind, the Sales Results Group is born.

The Sales Results Group is designed to be like a library, a safe place to explore and learn. You add to sales skills and knowledge, refine what you have already with the support of an expert, and you are required to take action week to week.

If you already have a foundation for sales and marketing, but want more results, more easily and more often, this is the program for you.

The Sales Results Group is for Salespeople, Independent Professionals and Small Business Owners who sell, who want to get to your sales goals sooner, not later. It is for people who want an environment that gives you additional skills information that you may not already have and moves you more quickly to your goals.

The Sales Results Group is for you if...

• Your sales attitude is mostly positive about wanting to help customers to buy from you.
• You have the basic understanding of the selling and buying process.
• You have prospects that are moving along the marketing channel to a point of making a decision.
• You have a good idea of the high priority activities of selling.
• You know have best customers who buy from you.
• You don’t think of yourself as a salesperson.
• You claim there’s not enough time to prospect AND follow up.

You can learn more about it at my website. Read more!