Monday, December 31, 2007

Here's to Ringing In a Great 2008

Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year.

Do you hate to sell, or get energized by cold calling?

What is your natural tendency when it comes to networking, schmoozing and sales?

How do you feel about giving a presentation or delivering a proposal?

Do you ever find yourself saying, "Oh I'm not a salesperson I am [fill in the blank with what title you give yourself.]"

Take a moment to get honest with yourself when you answer a quick survey waiting for you.

And, to let you know how grateful I am for your answers, there are three gifts waiting for you to claim.

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Your answers will also help with the blogging information you get in 2008. More relevant, more focused and as always... right on point.


Patricia Weber
Sales Reluctance Coach with Specialty of Introverts and Shy

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merry Christmas!

And happy holiday whatever you celebrate.

Are you like me this time of year? Sending cards? Thinking and planning for next year? Decluttering to keep energy high?

I just released this last week first to my ezine subscribers. A 2008 Calendar of 52 Coaching Thoughts. Subscribers on my email list always get gifts like this before a general announcement.

It's a 2008 Calendar of 52 of the Most Powerful Coaching Thoughts to help you each and every week with your focus, clarity and actions. You can either print out the year, or print out a month at a time or heck, just open it up to ponder the questions of the month.

Some of my favorite questions are, in no particular order:

-If you could wipe the slate clean for next year, what would you do?
-What is a better way to reach your goal that no one else is doing?
-How is where you are right now just perfect?
-What are you tolerating?
-What is life asking you to do differently?
-What would it be like right now if you could wave a magic wand?

The 2008 Calendar of 52 Coaching Thoughts available for download:
1) requires NO payment information,
2) requires no promo code,
3) you can forward the link for others to download,
4) needs to be completed in entirety (name, address) for you to be directed to the download page
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Yes; it is INVALUABLE because these are actual coaching questions that can help you get clear, get focused and get going. Every week of the year.

Go get yours now if you have not already. It's easy, it's quick, there is no payment information required, no codes.

You're just a click away.

Patricia Weber
The Sales Reluctance Coach! Read more!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Intoverts and Extroverts on Even Ground with Self-Confidence

I have an ecourse on Self-Confidence. Actually one that is for men and women and one for women only.

When I was researching certain pieces of the lessons, I found a clarification between self-esteem and self-confidence:

Self-esteem is how you think and feel about yourself. It is how YOU perceive you.

Self-confidence is a belief in yourself and abilities. You can have different levels of self-confidence in different areas of your life.

You may have already understood the difference. But knowing this difference, you will possibly find 9 Steps to Unshakeable Confidence by 9 Steps by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler more meaningful. What I like most about the article is that it puts introverts and extroverts on even ground with self-confidence.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Introverts and Balance in Business Networking

If you are an introvert like me, belonging to more than one organization for networking, you want to balance your energy and time. Everyone though wants a balance of give and take in resources, contacts, or clients. This keeps you in a steady flow of receiving. But in particular as an introvert and a salesperson, what are some ways to achieve this balance?

1) In a structured or unstructured event, when you connect with a number of contacts or connections for your specific networking purpose, you take don’t you? You take away something of value for yourself. Do you follow-up with those contacts? Don’t leave it up to them. You can do it easily enough without much extroverting. You can use something like I do, sendoutcards.

2) Do you follow-up with something they want from you? If you can, be on the giving end early in whatever way you can no matter how small. Your reputation will grow to be a connector. Giving is fairly easy for an introvert easy on because of our wanting to have close, but few connections.

3) If you belong to the association or organization participate on a committee. Even if there is one specific thing you know you can contribute for a committee, let someone know what you can do. Yes; you balance your membership with giving.

4) You may have some specific comments for the facilitator of an event to know that it was worthwhile. After all, you got a positive return on your time and energy didn’t you? Pick up the telephone or email that person to thank them.

5) You meet someone you know would be a valuable connector for you. Another take. Balance by talking for a few minutes to build rapport, with an exchange of cards and then move on. As an introvert I love being free to move on and recharge.

6) You got a referral you asked for. Now what do you give back? It’s quite appropriate to write a handwritten note or give a small gift to appreciate the person who opened the door for you.

7) If you always take but are short to give, you will find yourself not reaping all you can. If you always give but do not take, you will find yourself on the short end and maybe resentful. Stay in balance to stay in the flow of networking.

It’s a studied fact that when you balance give and take, you reap more than you would than if you just take. Reflect on how your networking balances give and take. Then act to either be or maintain balance.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Intoverts Can't Lead? NO WAY!

INTJ is my Myers Briggs assessment for at least 20 years. Really. In that time I have: lead a sales organization of about 30 salespeople as sales manager; as president lead a women's business owner association with 150 members; as VP of Membership for another women's organization took the lead to get a directory online and I could literally bore you with these leadership roles.

I was reading Introverts versus Extroverts in which the author implies that only extroverts lead. Oh, there is one sentence eluding to that there are introverts who lead, "Some will lead in a realm that will be readily recognized, others will lead in their own quiet way."

I know I wasn't quiet in any sense of the word. Gee. I can remember one of my outside salespeople gifting me with contractor boots and note about "Kick Butt."

I think there are some cases that this is true that an introvert WOULD lead in an unassuming way. But to say that extroverts are going to be recognized as leaders and introverts will lead but not necessarily be known by doing - it's just not true.

What do you think?

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Self-Talk to Sales Success for Introverts

As introverts we spend a good deal of time in our own heads. Do you listen to your self-talk? What is your self-talk saying? How is your self-talk serving you? If your self-talk is more negative, and sounds like a snake’s rattle, it will scare you off from moving forward. This is poisonous thinking for people who are salespeople.

Most of us have reoccurring thought patterns which we repeat over and over again. Research shows that these repetitive thoughts create a neural pathway in our brain. If you have heard the term ‘limiting beliefs’, then you know it is negative self-talk over time that does this to your brain. The good news is that you can change the pathway.

Having a positive outlook and self-talk is a must have for salespeople. Yet, how is this possible if you are in a slump, just lost a customer or find yourself reluctant to even follow-up? How do you move away from the snake’s rattle?

Negative self-talk affects your emotions, which in turn affects your actions, and in the end can limit your sales performance.

Listen to yourself. Have you ever said something like “I don’t have what it takes”, “I didn’t deserve that sale anyway”, or “Why can’t I succeed?” The first part to change that neural pathway and shake off the snakes rattle is to recognize what you are saying to yourself, in particular what you say repeatedly.

Change your focus. Have an opposite and positive affirmation to replace the negative. Replace the thought “I don’t have what it takes,” with “I’m learning what works.” Instead of saying “I didn’t deserve that sale,” rephrase it to “I can learn from that experience.” The key is to say something to yourself that moves you in a more positive direction.

Challenge your thinking. You might want to ask yourself, “Is this thought beneficial to me now? What is underlying this negativity? How is it helping me? Or is it?” You want to be easy with yourself yet challenge the relevancy and benefit of such thinking.

James Lane Allen (1849 –1925), an American novelist, is credited with saying, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” You could reframe Allen’s quotation with “Your sales results today, are where your thoughts today have brought you. Your sales results will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” Where do you want your sales results to be?

Put It Into Action:
- What one thought, one self-talk phrase, can you identify right now which you believe is the most negative one for you?

- What one thing can you plan do to when you next hear this negative self-talk? (Hint: Decide on an action that moves you to the total opposite thought.)

- Once you have a more positive thought in place of this working in your self-talk, what will that mean for you? Stay focused on this benefit for you.

Want more ideas for being the best introvert in business you can be?

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Car hobbies have little to nothing to do with introversion or extroversion

I am not certain that all things can be termed introvert or extrovert preference. In particular my hobby, with my husband, of cars. Collectors can have dozens or even a hundred cars. We're not collectors but we are enthusiasts owning our two daily drivers, our classic and our sports car.

We are now attending our fifth car show this year. I believe my observation for five years, dozens of shows, and hundreds of car owners, has no anecdotal evidence to me of there being a preference to more extroverts or introverts.

You either have a car interest or you don't.

What do you think?

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sales Results Group for Introverts Like A Library

As a sales coach for introverts, shy and reluctant, I know that at times I find it worthwhile to work with a small group of other like-minded coaches to help me through any business dilemmas. With this is mind, the Sales Results Group is born.

The Sales Results Group is designed to be like a library, a safe place to explore and learn. You add to sales skills and knowledge, refine what you have already with the support of an expert, and you are required to take action week to week.

If you already have a foundation for sales and marketing, but want more results, more easily and more often, this is the program for you.

The Sales Results Group is for Salespeople, Independent Professionals and Small Business Owners who sell, who want to get to your sales goals sooner, not later. It is for people who want an environment that gives you additional skills information that you may not already have and moves you more quickly to your goals.

The Sales Results Group is for you if...

• Your sales attitude is mostly positive about wanting to help customers to buy from you.
• You have the basic understanding of the selling and buying process.
• You have prospects that are moving along the marketing channel to a point of making a decision.
• You have a good idea of the high priority activities of selling.
• You know have best customers who buy from you.
• You don’t think of yourself as a salesperson.
• You claim there’s not enough time to prospect AND follow up.

You can learn more about it at my website. Read more!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where are you along the introversion and extroversion continuum?

This month I have done more extroverting that I normally do so needless to say, I am exhausted. Yesterday I was invited to be a guest speaker in a local Chamber of Commerce networking group.

Let me pose the same question to you as I did to them: knowing that we ALL do introverting and extroverting all day long, can you identify some of your favorite activities of either type?

Not surprising to me, however to the group it was, once they got going, light bulbs began to come on!

Yes; many people like reading - on the introvert side of the continuum. On this side are also activities like contemplating, planning, preparing, meditating, gardening, having lunch alone, listening to relaxing music at a low volume, and listening.

I believe that listening is more toward the middle of this "doing" continuum.

And then the extroverting actions are more like hosting a party, lunching with friends, happy hour events, networking events, speaking or in public, going to a party.

Most people, once they understand the continuum, can identify their preferences of "doing" and then have more understanding of what gives them energy.

What other activities do YOU like doing and which side of the continuum would you list in on? Read more!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

2007 Networker of the Year is One of Two Recognized Twice in 28 Years


Patricia Weber
Professional Strategies Inc

May 29, 2007

2007 Networker of the Year is One of Two Recognized Twice in 28 Years

Download this Press Release as a PDF Document

WILLIAMSBURG, VA: Patricia Weber of Williamsburg was recognized with the 2007 Peninsula Women’s Network (PWN), Networker of the Year Award. PWN of Hampton, Virginia, is the longest continuously operating women's network in the country. Its first meeting was in May 1979.

Weber is only the second member in its 28 years to receive this award twice. Weber has been on the board since 2004 serving as VP of Membership twice, leading the organization into technology with it’s member only website, is a contributing staff writer to the newsletter and facilitates annual teleclasses for the members on use of their website.

Weber, America’s #1 Sales Coach for Introverts, owner and founder of Professional Strategies Inc, concentrates her business on coaching salespeople, independent professionals who sell and small business owners, primarily introverts.

The Networker of the Year is selected from the members, currently 178, in recognition of outstanding service to PWN. It acknowledges that Weber contributed her time, talent and energy to helping connect people with people throughout the community.

“It’s a privilege to have this recognition. When I consider the friendships I have in the network, the award is second place. That’s the introvert in me! I love helping where and how I can because it’s what this network is about,” says Weber.

Patricia Weber, America’s #1 Sales Coach for Introverts, has been serving clients around the world since 1990. The company offers a wide array of professional development services including business coaching and critical soft skills training for the public and private sector. For more information, visit or call 757-870-1953.

### Read more!

Monday, May 14, 2007

More comfortable, confident sales approach for introverts

Can you answer any of these questions, “yes?”

- Are you uncomfortable with selling?
- Does marketing at a networking event make you queasy?
- Do you procrastinate with follow-up, just a little?
- Are you nervous or ill-at-ease when speaking in front of people?
- Is your impression of a successful salesperson one of a hand-shaking, smooth talker?
- Do you think you have to be a high-energy extrovert to have the sales success you want?

What if you could go through your day with a focus and comfort on your highest sales priorities that are natural for you?

How good would you feel to no longer have those self-doubts and nagging habits that keep you from your sales goals?

What if there were a way to boost your sales and have more energy than ever at the end of a day?

If you visit my website, you'll find out how to sell with more confidence and more easily.
Read more!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Additional Introvert’s Communiqué in the Workplace

Here are another six thoughts on perceptions of introverts in the workplace:

I don’t always socialize during networking or other social events.
TRUTH I prefer in-depth conversation and find little value in chitchat.

When I start dragging at social events people call me a party pooper.
TRUTH I need time alone to reenergize and recharge.

I come across intense.
TRUTH I’m probably using my strong ability to focus and concentrate.

It seems like I’m a loner or territorial.
TRUTH Time and space to myself is energizing.

You think I don’t like people.
TRUTH I am self-reflective, even around others.

I can be uncomfortable with change.
TRUTH I prefer a thoughtful, creative approach to changes.

There are certainly more than these and the first six posted. What's important to me it seems is that we work toward clearning up this misperceptions. Read more!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

How did we give people this impression?

Today I was a guest at a BNI meeting - Business Networking International. My membership expired in my own chapter and I decided not to rejoin for a third year. Suddenly now I am being invited to other chapters as a guest. I must have been getting too comfortable with my own chapter because I either never noticed this or somehow the misperception about introverts continues!

A Mary Kay director asked me, "what kind of work do you do?" I told her I help introverts, shy and reluctant who sell so they can boost their confidence, their prospects and their business. While HER first reaction was, "Wow. How do you do that?" a man standing by put his arm around a friend of his, with his eyes cast down and a monotone voice he quipped, "Oh then please help me." Then he giggled like a school boy.

It may have been a misinterpretation but to me clearly, he was portraying a withdrawn and likely boring person.

Do you get the connection of what I saw?

How do you react to something like that? I'm asking before I tell you how I responded. Read more!

Friday, March 16, 2007

An Introvert’s Communiqué in the Workplace

Here are some top perceptions of introverts in the workplace and the corresponding truth to them:

I don’t always speak immediately in meetings.
TRUTH I usually think before I respond or speak.

Brainstorming or bouncing ideas around aloud does not excite me.
TRUTH I prefer to use analysis and thinking to come up with solutions.

I don’t share personal information easily.
TRUTH I prefer to share private thoughts with friends.

I seem unfriendly or quiet.
TRUTH I communicate best one-to-one and listen easily.

I appear uneasy meeting new people, and making friends.
TRUTH I can be very self-confident in front of an audience.

I prefer to work on my own rather than do group work.
TRUTH I work well with others, especially one-to-one relationships.

“It is actually healthy to be an introvert. The only unhealthy part of it is denying your true self and trying to disguise yourself as an extrovert.” psychologist Linda K. Silverman, 2001 Read more!

Monday, February 19, 2007

FINALLY - the keys to sales success tied to introversion!

There is a short article that cites Keys to Sales Success; introverts will recognize most of them as our natural tendencies! If you are interested in corroborating evidence to my own conclusions, as the article says, "As many as seventy five percent of all top salespeople are defined as introverts on psychological tests."

Maybe we don't want to shy away from a sales profession. Seems like if we excel in sales, we're often pegged incorrectly on some career assessments.

Let me know what you think about the article or your thoughts on introverts success in sales. Read more!

It's an Introvert's Unfair Advantage

Clemson University’s Professional Development for Women invited me for another year of doing a training program. This year it's on April 20th in Seattle Washington.

If you know anyone interested in the following topic, they can register at the Clemson website; follow the links for Professional Development for Women.

The title is:
The Introvert’s Unfair Advantage in Your Workplace That Even Extroverts Want to Know.

If you live there, maybe you know someone who could benefit - introvert or extrovert. Read more!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The one tell tale question about your introversion

Yesterday at a local Starbucks, a client and friend of mine, were talking about how do you easily know whether you tend to be more of an introvert or extrovert?

In conversations with people who seem surprised that I tend more toward introverting, they are often curious about how would they know their preference. As if maybe they are introverted also.

Of course I let them know they take one of the many online Myers Briggs assessments to fully determine this. Still if they can answer the following one question, they have a general sense of their preference.

Here's the question:

In general business networking events, as the event goes on, are you usually more energized or more ready to leave to head on to a quieter venue?

How would you answer this?

If you thought or said, I've got my coat on and am heading toward the door... you are more than likely more introverted.

What's great about being who I am, for me, I don't get all caught up in having to meet as many people as possible. I network with a specific intention, usually to meet 2 to 3 new people, and then I am quite content to say my goodbyes.

How about you? What do you tend toward the longer a business networking event goes on?
Read more!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Introversion and Extroversion Basics

People relate introvert with words like shy and withdrawn, which can actually be the situation. More on that in another discussion. They also equate introvert with inept at speaking.

Come on.

Please know from now on that introverts are probably some of the most eloquent speakers. And why? Because, we have actually planned what we want to say so many times in our head that by the time the words reach our mouths, it sounds incredibly brilliant.

The difference is, once a speaking program is complete for an introvert, energy is at low levels. We have to find OUR way to recharge.

Here's what this means.

An extrovert can go right on speaking, head to a networking event, make their way to another event of any kind.

But an introvert, when they complete speaking in front of an audience, we best recharge by some activity with solitude.

Which turns out isn't all that bad.

Is this more clarifying for you? Read more!